we found the queen in a hopeless place….

December 29, 2011


the art of her majesty. Nearly 60 years on the throne and still going strong. However, whilst walking down the Yarra River in Melbourne yesterday we spotted this picture of her hanging up around a tree. Perhaps a local tramp is a royalist? Who knows, but I liked finding her there! Especially as I love Liz!


interviewing the editor

December 28, 2011

the art of being an editor & the art of flux…. many people have had the idea to set up a magazine that brings together fashion, art and culture. None have seemed to pull it off quite like Flux. A magazine that is not only engaging to read, but it stretches the mind beyond Jordan, Peter Andre and Kerry Katona. Flux also provides a good sense of community to those that read it. It seems a lot more personal than just picking up any other glossy magazine. The recession is underway but this magazine has managed to stay true to form and give its readers exactly what it wants; more editions. It would be sad to see such talent go to waste over financial matters. So, I recommend that you pick up a copy and see for yourself why such magazines need to stay around. I spoke briefly to Editor Lee Taylor about all things FLUX;;

What is the atmosphere like at Flux on a day to day basis?
We mostly work individually from home nowadays so its all a bit strange now that really. It’s still exciting though. It’s all by phone, web, email & occasionally meetings. So it exists more in our heads to be honest. It’s very conceptual. Walking down a lane, imagining a feature a cover, a theme.

Is there anyone that you, personally, want to interview that you haven’t already featured? If so, why? Loads of them. It’s hard to get access to be honest when you want it. Plus timing. ie it would have been great to interview Black Francis just as the Pixies broke. Tom Waites. Stanley Kubrick. There’s lots. Ian Curtis. Elvis.

What can we expect from Flux in the next coming years? We’re just trying to make it as magical and powerful as we can. It’s actually very very hard. Plus in a reccession even harder. We have to make something brilliant but with none of the resources that bigger more commercial magazines have. It’s an emotional ride doing that.

What advice would you give to the bloggers interested in the sort of stuff that Flux does and want to break into working within a high profile magazine? The brilliant thing about the blogging thing is that people can learn to express themselves and develop a style. Many publications nowadays will drive that individualism out of people, They are so set in their ways. So prescriptive in their styles. Bloggers have freedom to develop. Publishing has grown tired and urgently needs some of that dynamism.

Flux’s new edition is out now.
Visit the website for more information. http://www.fluxmagazine.com/

—-(all content written by Lee of artofx.wordpress.com)


felicity jones

December 26, 2011

the art of a star in the making is something that I have always liked. Felicity Jones made her name known to my generation in The Worst Witch, perhaps thats why we are all rooting for her to make it big in Hollywood? 2011 has been kind to her and with roles in Like Crazy & Albatross, she’s my one to watch for the future. Do Britain proud.


merry christmas

December 25, 2011


the art of christmas eve. wishing you all a very merry christmas.



December 24, 2011

the art of … walking home from work couldn’t have been any better for me whilst living in Wellington. The climb home was hard, but it was worth it once I got to my house.



December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve. First Post.

I will keep this short and sweet.

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